3.3.2  :  Gonzalez2014a

This database contains the semi-analytic galaxy catalogues of Gonzalez-Perez et al. (2014), which are based on the MR7 simulation.

The Gonzalez14M05 model (table Gonzalez2014a..MR7_M05) uses the Maraston et al. 2005 stellar population synthesis (SPS) model to obtain broadband magnitudes, while the Gonzalez14 model (table Gonzalez2014a..MR7) uses an updated Bruzual & Charlot(1993) (SPS) model from 1999. Except for the difference in SPS, the models are identical. The different SPS model mainly affects the rest frame luminosity functions at wavelenghts longer than near infrared at redshifts above one, as described in Gonzalez-Perez et al.2014.