4.4  :  Interfacing IDL with the Millennium Database

(Adaptation of text provided by Ben Panter)

Here we provide some simple IDL scripts, created by Ben Panter, to interface with the databases using the wget method. Help is available here.

Latest versions:



tarball including help

The codes are always evolving as we trace more bugs or improve functionality. To check for updates refer to the 'version' line in your own version and the version here.

Usage Notes:

The code deals with null in a slightly weird way - it returns as 0.0000. At some point this will be changed, but Ben hasn't worked out a consistent way to do this yet. Suggestions welcome!

If a query returns two columns with the same name, the code will not be happy. This will change at some point by appending '_a' to the second set, but we'll wait until someone complains first...