1.2  :  Credits

You are welcome to use the simulation data in these pages for your own scientific purposes without further consultation with the Virgo Consortium or the scientists who generated them. If you do so we would appreciate it if you include a reference to the paper announcing the database:

If you use the data in a publication or proposal, please cite the appropriate paper(s):

If you use galaxy data, then you should in addition cite the papers which describe the specific model underlying these data. For the MPA models these papers are:

  • De Lucia G. & Blaizot J. 2007 (MNRAS 375, 2; also Croton D. et al. 2006 MNRAS 365, 11) for the DeLucia2006a and DeLucia2006a_SDSS2MASS tables in both the millimil and MPAGalaxies databases,
  • Bertone, De Lucia and Thomas 2007 (MNRAS 379, 1143) for the Bertone2007a table in the MPAGalaxies database.
  • Guo etal 2011 (MNRAS 413, 101) for all the tables in the Guo2010a database.
  • Guo et al. 2013, (MNRAS 428, 1351) for all the tables in the Guo2013a database and the MR7, MRscWMAP7 and MRIIscWMAP7 tables in the MPAHalotrees database.
For the Durham models (databases DGalaxies, Bower2006a, Lagos2012a and Gonzalez2014a) the relevant papers are

If you use mock galaxy catalogues in MPAMocks, Henriques2012a or Henriques2015a then you should look at the documentation for the specific datasets for possible additional credits.

Work based on the DESI, GAMA and EUCLID mock catalogues should acknowledge the paper describing the underlying model (which can be found in the relevant lightcone table description) and also Merson et al. 2013, in which the construction of the lightcone galaxy catalogues is described.

In order to acknowledge GAVO's support in constructing this database facility, we would appreciate inclusion of the following sentence in the `Acknowledgements' section of papers which make significant use of our databases:

"The Millennium Simulation databases used in this paper and the web application providing online access to them were constructed as part of the activities of the German Astrophysical Virtual Observatory."

The particular structure of the database design which allows efficient querying for merger trees is described in:
Lemson G. & Springel V. 2006, Astronomical Data Analysis Software and Systems XV, ASP Conference Series, Vol. 351, C. Gabriel, C. Arviset, D. Ponz and E. Solano, eds.

This work used the DiRAC Data Centric system at Durham University, operated by the Institute for Computational Cosmology on behalf of the STFC DiRAC HPC Facility (www.dirac.ac.uk). This equipment was funded by BIS National E-infrastructure capital grant ST/K00042X/1, STFC capital grant ST/H008519/1, and STFC DiRAC Operations grant ST/K003267/1 and Durham University. DiRAC is part of the National E-Infrastructure.

This project was supported by the STFC Consolidated Grant at Durham (ST/L00075X/1), the STFC Euclid Implementation Phase grant (ST/K003305/1), European Research Council grants (ERC Advanced GA 267291 Cosmiway, and ERC Starting DEGAS-259586) and the Royal Society.