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2015-05-27: Lagos et al 2012 and Gonzalez-Perez et al 2014 models added to database

New tables have been added with the galaxy catalogues of Lagos et al. (2012) and Gonzalez-Perez et al. (2014). A new version of the Bower et al (2006) table has also been uploaded. This uses the same physical model as the old DGalaxies..Bower2006a table but has the same set of columns as the new tables.

The halo catalogues used to produce these models will be added shortly.

2015-10-29: Documentation for emission lines updated

The documentation for the emission line columns in the tables Gonzalez2014a..MR7, Gonzalez2014a..MR7_M05, Lagos2012a..MR and Bower2006a..MR has been updated to make it clear that these columns all include the effects of dust extinction.