2.2  :  Semi Analytic Models

The galaxy catalogues that are stored in the Millennium database are the products of two separate, independent semi-analytic galaxy formation efforts: one based on the L-Galaxies code developed at the MPA in Garching, and the other based on the Galform code developed at the ICC in Durham.

Instances of the database are hosted at Durham and Munich. However, not all of the models have been copied to both locations at this time. The table below shows which galaxy catalogues are available at which site.

Model name Code Available from
Bower 2006a Galform ICC, MPA
DeLucia 2006a L-Galaxies ICC, MPA
Bertone 2007a L-Galaxies ICC, MPA
Guo 2010a L-Galaxies MPA
Guo 2013a L-Galaxies MPA
Lagos 2012a Galform ICC
Gonzalez 2014a Galform ICC
Henriquez 2015a L-Galaxies MPA

There are also lightcone mock catalogues based on some of these models:

Mock catalogues Galaxy formation model Available from
Blaizot 2006 DeLucia 2006a ICC, MPA
Kitzbichler 2006 DeLucia 2006a ICC, MPA
Henriques 2012a Guo 2010a MPA
Henriques 2015a Henriques 2015a MPA
GAMA_v1 Gonzalez 2014a ICC (available on request)
DESI_v1 Gonzalez 2014a ICC (available on request)
EUCLID_v1 Gonzalez 2014a ICC (available on request)